50 Cent & Young Buck Go Back & Forth Over Sexuality Claims

50 Cent is a merciless trolling opponent, and even past members of his G-Unit crew aren't safe from his wrath. Moreover, you may know that he has an active beef with Young Buck, one that began in the late 2000s by falling out over Buck's financial struggles. Specifically, he claimed that his label boss has a grudge against him after forcibly selling the rights to his music due to bankruptcy. No matter where their spat stands now, they've brought in other jabs and accusations in the mix. For example, the business mogul posted a picture insinuating that Buck has been in same-sex relationships.

"Didn’t make sense when we was taking the pic, but it makes whole lot of sense now. [laughing emojis] That boy like them boys!" 50 Cent captioned a post on Thursday (March 14) with a picture whose on-screen caption read "That time Young Buck refused a pic with Caitlyn Jenner" with a picture of the two G-Unit members with a transgender woman. "Dam bro @50cent… if ya miss me just say dat…" Buck replied via his Instagram Story, reminding folks that he turns 43 today (Friday, March 15). "Tell a n***a happy birthday if you gone mention me."

"Hey CUUUURTIS LOOK BRO… Dam if ya miss me just say dat…" Young Buck continued of 50 Cent, who previously accused him of being with a transgender man back in 2019. "Tell me HAPPY BIRTHDAY if you gone mention me!! PS. Don’t flag this post this time. Ya’ll know dude keep flagging my post… He miss his bro… Just wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Ya’ll @ him for me… He still got me blocked."

"It’s just like, you rich, my man," Buck said of the Fif beef on Steve-O's podcast earlier this year. "You still doing your thing. I love your TV show Power, you know what I mean? Why are you doing this to me?! Bruh, we was once brothers. I’ve always looked at you as big brother. Yes, I’ve made mistakes too but I’ve never done anything to try to take food out of your mouth or stop you from eating. To see how aggressive he is towards me makes me feel like, ‘Damn, are you trying to Ja Rule me, too?!" For more news and the latest updates on 50 Cent and Young Buck, stick around on HNHH.