Diddy Home Raid: Man Claiming To Be Mogul's Neighbor Makes Outlandish Accusation

Overall, yesterday's Diddy home raids have dominated the headlines as it pertains to the hip-hop world. Many fans are wondering what exactly went down at his residences. Homeland Security was on the premises, and his sons were detained and put in handcuffs. However, Diddy was at the Miami-Opa Locka airport where he was reportedly on a private jet. Subsequently, Homeland Security showed up and he was forced to get off of the plane. Footage of him pacing the airport was eventually released to TMZ.

In the aftermath of all of this, media coverage began to explode. From news networks to newspapers to social media outlets, everyone has been tracking this story. In fact, there were numerous TV cameras outside of Diddy's home on Monday, and there were plenty of onlookers. In a video shared by DJ Akademiks, you can see two men drive by the scene. However, they decide to stop and have a conversation with one of the reporters. That's when the young man claims to be a neighbor of Diddy's. He subsequently goes on to make some outlandish claims that are completely unfounded. Regardless, the video is now going viral on social media.

The man alleges that Diddy will have bus loads of people come over after hours. He even says that some of these people are minors and that they come in at 3 AM. Moreover, the man went on to say that when his basketball rolls over to the house, he simply lets it go and gets a new one. It seemed like a pretty obvious attempt at being funny. However, some are taking the allegations seriously. Needless to say, this situation has everyone coming out of the woodwork.

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