Diddy Home Raid: Music Mogul & Brendan Paul Seen Speaking To Federal Agents At The Airport

By now, everyone knows about the raids that took place at two residences belonging to music mogul, Diddy. Overall, the raids went down in Miami and Los Angeles. The raids were carried out by Homeland Security, and they were done so on suspicion of sex trafficking. Last night, a video surfaced online showing how his homes had been ransacked during the investigation. Furthermore, it has been reported that his electronics were seized. Needless to say, this is an extensive operation being carried out by the Feds right now.

In the aftermath of the raids, new footage is making its way to the internet. More specifically, TMZ has been able to obtain a whole bunch of images and videos. For instance, yesterday we reported on the video of Diddy pacing around a Miami airport. Now, TMZ has come through with another batch of images. In these photos, Diddy can be seen with his entourage outside of his private jet. The entourage is surrounded by Federal agents, and Diddy can be seen cooperating with them.

Brendan Paul can be seen in these images as well. For those who may not be aware, Paul is the former Syracuse basketball player who was arrested on drug charges. Paul is alleged to be a drug mule for Diddy, and he became a trending figure on social media last night. At this stage in the story, there is still a lot that is unknown. For instance, it remains to be seen if the investigation will even bring forth any evidence to what Diddy has been accused of. Regardless, the world is paying attention right now, and they are waiting patiently for updates.

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