The Game Addresses New Allegations That He’s Scamming Artists

The Game has just responded to the latest set of allegations that he has been scamming artists by promising them placements on his mixtapes but just taking their money instead.

The Neighborhood Talk made a post on Instagram Tuesday sharing the new allegations, which were made on The Morning Hustle. A woman called in to the show to claim that the rapper scammed her out of $1,000. The Game then responded to the post in the comments, calling it “fake news.”

“Please stop wit the fake news,” The Game wrote. “I ain’t never scammed nobody in my life out of nothing !!!! If you want sumn to post, holla at me n I’ll do sumn to help y’all weird ass blog out.”

Back in March, The Game was accused of scamming young unsigned artists out of thousands by promising them placements on a mixtape and promoting their music. The artists became angry after the music was shared on a separate SoundCloud account and not his main one. The rapper responded to these initial claims during an interview with HipHopDX where he basically called these young acts delusional.

- Complex Music