Kanye West & Ty Dolla Sign Accused Of "Scamming" Rolling Loud With Lackadaisical Performance

Kanye West and Ty Dolla Sign are still in the midst of their Vultures rollout. Overall, they have seen quite a bit of success with Vultures 1. Now, however, fans are waiting on them to come through with Vultures 2. The album is not out yet, and fans are starting to get antsy. However, the pair has come through with some listening parties, which have effectively given fans something to be hopeful for. On Thursday, however, they had a huge opportunity at their fingertips as they performed at Rolling Loud.

This Rolling Loud performance was a special one as they were the only set of the day. If you had bought a three-day pass to the festival, you were granted access to this special set. Unfortunately, it seems as though some festivalgoers wish they had just stayed home entirely. In footage posted to Twitter, Kanye and Ty could be seen walking around the stage, barely engaging with the music. In fact, some reported that their mics weren't even on, which made this more of a listening party.

In the tweets below, you ca see just disappointed people were with the entire ordeal. Overall, it just wasn't the best look for Ye and Ty. Especially when you consider how Vultures 2 is a week past due at this point. Fans want the album, and they were hoping that tonight could serve as some sort of launch point. Instead, it was a disappointing performance that showcases just how out of touch Ye is these days.